KPMG is a global organisation of independent professional services companies, currently operating in 145 countries and employing more than 236,000 employees in member companies worldwide. In Poland, we have been providing audit and other assurance services, tax, business, accounting and bookkeeping advisory services since 1990, and the law firm affiliated with KPMG in Poland, provides comprehensive legal services. We employ nearly 2000 employees in seven offices located in Warsaw, Kraków, Poznań, Wrocław, Gdańsk, Katowice and Łódź.

We advise Polish and international companies and institutions in all sectors of the economy, with special emphasis on consumer goods, financial services, private equity, automotive industry, real estate and construction, technology, media and telecommunications (TMT), transport services and logistics (TSL), manufacturing, and the public sector.

KPMG’s success has hinged on the high quality of its services and of the people it retains. Our capital asset is the know-how accumulated by our 219,000 professionals in 147 countries worldwide. We have undertaken a number of initiatives that support business development in Poland. We share their experience and expertise, including through participation in conferences, seminars, training sessions and workshops addressed to the business sector. We co-operate with chambers of commerce and industrial associations, and publish studies and papers on diverse branches of the economy.

We at KPMG understand that what counts in today’s world is not only effective management of corporate capital, but also engagement in projects that serve the development of local communities and protection of the environment. KPMG’s core values and its mission enable us to implement our strategy in a socially responsible way.


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