Rapidly growing property prices are a hot topic for many Polish people. The ever-increasing prices per square metre are a direct result of the supply and demand market mechanism. And although the former is the main topic of discussion, we would like to invite you to look at this from a slightly different angle. This debate will talk about the number of flats being built in Poland and whether it is at all possible to build more? We will look at the measures already taken by the state, but also assess the proposed solutions through the eyes of the regulator and the parties involved in the investment process – developers and local governments. At the same time, we will not forget about the recommendations that can solve the burning issue of the domestic housing sector. The latter has been struggling with an insufficient number of flats for decades. And although the situation is steadily improving, it does not change the fact that at present there are more people willing to buy flats than there are flats available on the market. Together, we will consider whether it is possible for the market to regain its equilibrium through rising prices alone, and would an increased supply of housing bring the housing sector back into balance.

  • Is it really necessary to build more flats in Poland and is it even possible to build more? How to meet the buyers’ needs? Should we act on demand or on supply?
  • How do the recent changes proposed by the Polish government (e.g. the “Property for Land” [“Lokal za Grunt”] programme, the revamped social housing programme or the so-called “special housing act”) work in practice?
  • Are the government’s actions effective in stimulating supply, or are they better suited to supporting demand?
  • Evaluation of planned changes is important for the housing sector. What changes can realistically improve the housing situation in Poland?
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European Financial Congress2-4 June 2025


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