For a number of years, governments, companies as well as local and international institutions have been engaging in deep green and digital transition in many countries around the world. The coronavirus pandemic we have been struggling with for over a year has accelerated these processes. This is why building back the economy after the pandemic will largely depend on an even faster and more effective implementation of green and digital changes to the economy and community life.

Looking from the perspective of the reconstruction program developed by the European Union and the rules of resource allocation, the member states will mostly (in nearly as much as 60% cases) build their resilience based on digitalization and green transformation. The funds available under the European Recovery and Resilience Facility, designed to revitalize Europe’s economy by creating a modern and sustainable model, amount to EUR 672.5 billion, of which Poland can use EUR 58.1 billion.

The decisions arrived at by the Member States to show unprecedented solidarity and to pool debt (a historic milestone) resulted in huge funds being placed at our disposal. In order to use the funds effectively, the skills, expertise and competencies of the people who will transform the economy are becoming all the more important. The key thing is that these individuals can demonstrate a new way of thinking, with a large dose of openness and creativity. These are the very themes of our European Financial Congress, an event for people open to the world and to change.

We must be ready to embrace the new economic reality, as well as to actively create it because one thing is certain – there is no going back to “business as we knew it”. In return, we have an opportunity to significantly accelerate the economic transformation.

This challenge is answered by the motto of the European Financial Congress 2021: “Finance in the new reality”. This motto is reflected in the main thematic areas around which the programme of this year’s ECF is built.

Bearing in mind the uncertainty as to whether we will be able to host an offline Congress due to administrative decisions and, above all, striving to ensure the comfort and safety of participants associated with full vaccination, we have decided to hold the event on an alternative date, which means that this year’s offline EFC will take place in Sopot on 13 – 15 September 2021.

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Offline EFC: 13-15 September 2021

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