9th European Financial Congress

Sopot, 3-5 June 2019

Patronat honorowy

Piotr Alicki

‎President of the Management Board, KIR S.A.

Jan Krzysztof Bielecki

Chairman of the European Financial Congress Program Board

Jan Krzysztof Bielecki was born in 1951 in Bydgoszcz. He graduated from the Economics of Water Transportation Faculty at the University of Gdańsk.In 1973-1980, he was a junior research fellow at the University’s Department

of the Economics of Water Transportation. At the same time, he was a unit head at the Managerial Training Centre of the Ministry of Engineering and Steel Industry.From the end of 1980, he served as an economic expert to the “Solidarity” trade union. During the martial law he was involved in underground union activity. In 1985, he became the Chairman of the consulting company ”Doradca” in Sopot.In 1989, he was one of the founding members of the Gdańsk Social Economic Association – the Liberal Congress. From February 1990 on, he was a member of the Presidium of the Liberal-Democratic Congress. Following the merger of the Democratic Union and the Liberal-Democratic Congress in April 1994, he became a member of the new party, the Freedom Union. He served as a Deputy to the Sejm in 1989-1993.In December 1990, he was appointed Prime Minister. After the elections in October 1991, he resigned from office and his resignation was accepted by the Sejm in December 1991. He served as Minister for European Integration and Foreign Assistance in Hanna Suchocka’s government.From December 1993 to September 2003, he represented Poland in the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.In 2003-2010 he was the President of Bank Pekao SA Management Board.He was awarded the Order of the White Eagle.In March 2010 he was appointed by Prime Minister Donald Tusk, the chairman of the Economic Council of the Prime Minister. He held the position until December 2014.

Michał Chyczewski

Executive Director, Financial Services, EY

Bartosz Ciołkowski

Country Manager Poland, MasterCard Europe

Jacek Fotek

Vice President of the Management Board, Warsaw Stock Exchange

Jerzy Gajewski


Graduate of the Gdańsk University of Technology.  He took his first steps in his professional career in Gdańsk in the year 1972.  In 1977-90 he built his experience in Iraq and Kuwait providing services in e.g.

the preparation and supervision of investment projects.In 1990 he founded NDI S.A. – the development and construction company specialising in investment organisation, supervision, and execution.  NDI has a track record of participation in a number of major investments in Poland, to name e.g. the construction of the northern section of the A1 Motorway from Gdańsk to Toruń, revitalisation of the Sopot City Centre, Sheraton chain hotels, office and service complexes for major banking and insurance institutions.  In the area of infrastructural projects NDI takes up road, railway, and tramway investments.  The Company has twice won the prestigious Forbes Diamonds.  Jerzy Gajewski has rich experience in working on corporate management and supervisory boards of e.g. Buildco S.A., Cocefi Polska, Pantera Holdings Ltd., and Gdańsk Transport Company S.A.  He has served as e.g. the advisor to the Mayor of the City of Gdańsk, the Polish State Railways, the Airports S.A. company, and the Ministry of Spatial Management and Building in the cabinet on Hanna Suchocka.  In the year 2009 he was conferred the title of „The 2008 Employer in Construction” and in the year 2012 the title of „The Top Manager of Pomerania 2011”.

Jerzy Hausner

Professor of Economic Sciences, Cracow University of Economics

Full Professor of Economic Sciences, works at the Department of Public Administration (Faculty of Public Economy and Administration, Cracow University of Economics), Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Culture and Sport.

Member of the Polish Economic Society. Member of the Monetary Policy Council (2010-2016). Member of the Economics Committee of the Polish Academy of Sciences Committee. Since 2015, Member of the Polish National Commission for UNESCO. Chairman of the Open Eyes Economy Summit Program Council. Member Winner of the Kisiel Award.

Zbigniew Jagiełło

President of the Management Board, PKO Bank Polski

Born in 1964. PKO Bank Polski Management Board President since October 2009. Prior to this he worked for local and global Unicredit Group structures. Responsible i.a. for strengthening PKO Bank Polski`s position of leadership

in East-Central Europe as well as development and implementation of Bank`s strategy for the years 2010-2012, which resulted in strong efficiency gains and Bank`s adjustment to requirements of the strongly demanding financial market through making the product offer more attractive and improvement of customer service quality.A member of the Council of the Polish Bank Association and of the prestigious Institut International D’Etudes Bancaires, which brings together the international banking community. The President of the Republic of Poland decorated him with the Officer's Cross of the Order of the Rebirth of Poland and he was awarded the Social Solidarity Medal for promoting the idea of corporate social responsibility.Chosen the CEO of the Year 2011 by Parkiet daily; the recipient of the Wektor 2011 granted by the Polish Employers’ Chapter and of the Golden Banker in the Personality of the Year 2011 category; he was also lauded the Manager of the Year 2011 in a competition ran by Gazeta Bankowa. In the year 2012, Bloomberg Businessweek Polska singled him out as on e of the Top 20 Managers in Crisis.

Mirosław Kachniewski

President, Polish Association of Listed Companies

Responsible for managing the Association, regulatory initiatives and cooperation with SEG member companies. Earlier, he worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission (1996-2007; spokesman and secretary) and the Ministry

of Privatization (1994-1996). Former faculty member of the International Finance Faculty at the Warsaw School of Economics (1995-2010), holds a PhD in economics. Served many important functions in IOSCO. Former member of the Supervisory Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Author of numerous economic publications on capital markets, liberalization of capital flows and services, and integration of EU financial markets. A member of the governing bodies of EUROPEANISSUERS.

Iwona Kozera

Partner, EY

Director of Financial Services Industry for the  Eastern  and  Southern Europe, Business Advisory Department, Ernst & Young Warsaw.Over 20-years experience in business advisory to clients from

the financial services sector (banks, insurance companies, asset management) concerning  increasing  the efficiency and risk management in Poland and Europe . Iwona was  also involved  in  the projects regarding financial statements reviews and internal control systems. She was working as well on behalf of government and European Union projects.Graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology; Polish Statutory Auditor. She completed management programmes at the Harward Business School and the Kellog School of Management.

Stacy Ligas

Partner, Head of Financial Services Audit, KPMG

Head of KPMG Financial Services Audit Group in Warsaw with broad experience in audit and other assurance services for the largest financial institutions in Poland, including retail and corporate banks, insurance companies,

leasing, factoring, asset management and investments funds. 18 years experience in assurance services, agreed-upon procedures projects, due diligence projects, securities offerings and initial public offerings in the United States and in Poland. She was involved in projects related to the due diligence of several Polish banks, numerous reviews of loan portfolios in the local market as well as the implementation of International Accounting Standards. Responsible for conducting internal control systems and the preparation of financial statements in accordance with PCAOB Standards.Stacy Ligas is a US Certified Public Accountant; she graduated from Loyola University in Chicago, Faculty of Public Accounting, Degree BBA (1996) with honors.

Ewa Małyszko


Posiada wieloletnie doświadczenie w tworzeniu i zarządzaniu instytucjami finansowymi. Od lutego 2017 roku jest Prezesem Zarządu Towarzystwa Funduszy Inwestycyjnych BGK S.A. Wcześniej, od 2011 roku, była Prezesem Zarządu

PKO BP BANKOWEGO PTE S.A. Zajmowała również stanowisko Wiceprezesa Zarządu w KGHM TFI S.A., a w latach 1998-2008 pracowała w SEB TFI S.A., najpierw na stanowisku Wiceprezesa Zarządu, a od 2001 r. na stanowisku Prezesa Zarządu.Jest Członkiem Rady Fundacji EFPA Polska działającej na rzecz standardów doradztwa finansowego oraz Przedstawicielem EFPA Polska w Standards and Qualifications Commitee EFPA. Aktywnie promuje długoterminowe oszczędzanie oraz nowoczesne rozwiązania emerytalne. Poza pracą zajmuje się edukacja finansową i planowaniem finansów osobistych.Z wykształcenia ekonomista, absolwentka Podyplomowego Studium Zarządzania Funduszami Emerytalnymi i Podyplomowego Studium w zakresie metod ilościowych w analizie rynków finansowych w Szkole Głównej Handlowej w Warszawie. Ukończyła również prestiżowy Programme for the Executive Development dla kadry menadżerskiej wyższego szczebla w IMD Institute w Lozannie oraz program z zakresu zarządzania organizacją w Wallenberg Institute w Szwecji.

Waldemar Markiewicz

President of the Polish Chamber of the Brokerage Houses

Związany z Deutsche Bank od 1999 r. jako Prezes domu maklerskiego DB Securities SA – poprzednio ProCapital SA, spółki, którą współtworzył oraz zarządzał od 1995 r.W latach 1993-1994 był Dyrektorem Coroporate Finance

w firmie konsultingowej Pro-Invest International Sp. z o.o. gdzie świadczył usługi doradztwa w zakresie prywatyzacji polskich przedsiębiorstw na rzecz zagranicznych oraz polskich inwestorów.W latach 1992 –1993 pracował w Scotia Bank w Kanadzie, gdzie m.in. uczestniczył w ośmiomiesięcznym programie szkoleniowym dla wyższej kadry kierowniczej Banku. Koncentrował się wówczas na emisjach papierów wartościowych łącznie z analizami i wyceną akcji.W latach 1989 – 1991 pracował w Polskim Przedstawicielstwie Handlowym w Kanadzie gdzie m.in. pełnił obowiązki szefa Przedstawiciela.W latach 1882-1988 pracował w Departamencie Walutowym Ministerstwa Współpracy z Zagranicą.

Małgorzata O’Shaughnessy

Regional Managing Director, Central Eastern Europe, Visa

Małgorzata is a graduate of the Foreign Trade Department at Warsaw School of Economics and has been working for Visa for over two decades. Małgorzata has won a number of awards for her contributions to the growth of

Poland’s cashless economy. In 2015, in a prestigious survey conducted by the Institute for Innovative Economy under the patronage of the Polish Bank Association, she was named one of the top 10 most influential women in the Polish financial sector. During the course of her longstanding service for Visa, Małgorzata spurred the development of payment systems in Central and Eastern European countries, including Poland, which on her watch became one of Visa’s most innovative European markets. Poland’s ratio of contactless to all card payments is at some 75% and the market offers excellent prospects for mobile payments and other innovative payment technologies. Małgorzata was behind the idea of the Visa Warsaw Innovation Incubator, a joint initiative of Visa and its clients in Poland which seeks to develop solutions that will drive the growth of electronic payments and the digitalisation of the Polish economy.

Leszek Pawłowicz

Director, Gdańsk Academy of Banking

Economist, Professor at the University of Gdansk, Head of the Department of Banking UG. Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Warsaw Stock Exchange, Vice-Chairmanof the Supervisory Boards Bank Pekao S.A. and BEST SA.

Member of the Committee on Fiancial Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.Author of numerous publications on enterprise value management, finance and banking. Initiator and organizer of the European Financial Congress.

Andrzej Reich

Advisor to the chairman of the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Małgorzata Rusewicz

Chairman, Polish Chamber of Pension Funds

Z wykształcenia prawnik,  ukończyła również podyplomowe studia z zakresu ubezpieczeń w SGH. W 2013 r. objęła stanowisko Prezesa Izby Gospodarczej Towarzystw Emerytalnych, ale tematyką ubezpieczeń zajmuje się

od początku swojej kariery, którą rozpoczęła w 2002 r. w Zakładzie Ubezpieczeń Społecznych. W kolejnych latach współpracowała z Instytutem Pracy i Spraw Socjalnych oraz Komisją Europejską jako ekspert z zakresu rynku pracy oraz prawa ubezpieczeniowego. W latach 2005-2007 była związana z Uniwersytetem w Gandawie, gdzie uczestniczyła w programie Training and Reporting on European Social Security. W latach 2007-2012 w Konfederacji Lewiatan pełniła funkcję dyrektora Departamentu Dialogu Społecznego i Stosunków Pracy oraz Koordynatora Rady Rynku Pracy. Była także członkiem Zespołu Trójstronnej Komisji ds. Ubezpieczeń Społecznych, Komitetu ds. Dialogu Społecznego przy Komisji Europejskiej oraz grup eksperckich funkcjonujących w ramach BUSINESSEUROPE. Jest autorką licznych publikacji z zakresu prawa ubezpieczeniowego i rynku pracy.

Cezary Stypułkowski

President of the Management Board, mBank

Cezary Stypułkowski (born in 1956) – Doctor of Juridical Science. In 1979, graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law of the University of Warsaw.From 1979, assistant lecturer in the Faculty of Law in the Department

of National Economy Management. In 1989, defended his doctoral dissertation in the Faculty of Law.In 1981, appointed as advisor to the minister in the Bureau of Governmental Representative for Economic Reforms.In 1985, appointed as advisor to the chairman of the Advisory Economic Council; from 1987 to 1988 worked as advisor to deputy prime minister and as Secretary of the Committee of the Council of Ministers for Economic Reforms.In late 1980s, studied at Columbia University Business School in New York as a member of the Fulbright Program. From 1991 to 2003, president of the management board of Bank Handlowy in Warsaw. From 2003 to 2006, president of the management board of PZU Group. From 2006 to 2010 employed with J.P. Morgan, investment bank in London, from 2007 as managing director responsible for Central and Eastern Europe. Since 2010, president of the management board of mBank (formerly BRE Bank).Cezary Stypułkowski was a member of the Deutsche Bank Board International Advisory Board, INSEAD International Advisory Board and the Geneva Association. Since 2012, co-chairman of the Emerging Markets Advisory Council of the Institute of International Finance in Washington (IIF).