The opening day of the Online EFC will be broadcasted from the Live Studio in Warsaw|

Hosts of EFC studio:
Jan Krzysztof Bielecki - Chairman of the EFC Program Board
Marek Tejchman - Deputy editor-in-chief of DGP

Break|2.35 p.m. –2.40 p.m.

Break|3.35 p.m. – 3.40 p.m.

3.40 p.m. - 5.20 p.m.
How can central banks help the real economy during the crisis without putting the stability of the financial system and the credibility of money at risk?
Speeches :
  • Jiří Rusnok

    Governor of Česká národní banka

  • Anna Breman

    Deputy Governor of Sveriges Riksbank

Speeches and discussion:
  • Mihály Patai

    Deputy Governor of the Magyar Nemzeti Bank

  • Jiří Rusnok

    Governor of Česká národní banka

  • Paul de Grauwe

    John Paulson Professor in European Political Economy at the London School of Economics

  • Daniel Gros

    Director of CEPS, visiting professor at the University of California at Berkeley

  • Andrzej Wojtyna

    Professor, Cracow University of Economics

Speech: Covid Economy, Charting The Course of Recovery:
  • Bricklin Dwyer

    Chief Economist and Head of the Mastercard Economics Institute

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